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Dr. Craig Brown's Expansive Holistic Health

Meditation / Relaxation Audio Download / CD

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Expansive Holistic Health Meditation - Relaxation CD

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Reduces Inflammation

When I was 5 years old, I wanted to be a Martial Artist. The amazing Bruce Lee, later became my hero, and mentor to a vast degree. I studied his beliefs, his techniques, and most important to me, his energy. After I learned the techniques of Mixed Martial Arts and Self Defense, I realized that we all have energy within; a life force, that if developed properly, can be much more powerful than how physically fit or strong one is. I discovered that the coupling of the mind and this energy within could be not only an amazing healing force, but also the most powerful force we have to optimize all of our abilities. The coupling of the mind with the ‘energy within’ can create what modern science and medicine call the impossible.

I see the mind body energy being utilized so much more. It is already being used on the sports field, and in healing work. Bruce Lee, among the many others who are top in their field use these techniques routinely whether they know it or not.

As of equal or even more important, are the substantiated factual main stream medical and scientific studies on the use of mind/body connection by reducing Cortisol levels. This reduction in inflammation in our mind and bodies is one of the major aspects of our Expansive Holistic Health Protocols. While achieving this we become better Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually and thus, Financially.

When the body and mind prosper, as so we prosper!

My Expansive Holistic Health Inflammation Reduction CD will put you in a place where you have never been. A place to soar, to climb, to be better! I believe you will find it as miraculous as I have throughout the years.  I give you a ‘tool’ to launch you into a new realm of life, and betterment in every way.  My gift of ‘more’ from ‘Expansive Holistic Health’.

As for me, as I realized movement, such as in defense, couple with relaxation (mind gymnastics) was the very key to winning tournaments, slam dunking a basket while playing hoops, or just plain deep breathing through a stressful moment, when relaxation is crucial. When I learned how to join my relaxation technique with my inner energy, I developed pinpoint accuracy, and mastered whatever I set my intention to. I was ecstatic when I realized that these techniques could be applied to every aspect of life. To this day, I am still discovering new and different avenues to improve efficiency by advancing what I have been fortunate enough to discover.

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It is my pleasure to share with you this particular journey that I have been so blessed to undertake, in my upcoming videos and blogs….look for them and email me through ‘Contact’ to request me to show you more.

The CD that I have for you is Expansive Medicine Inflammation Reduction CD. It will show you how to go to a ‘relaxation’ that is not only therapeutic, but introspective, leading you to a combination of inner peace, coupled with inner strength and outer vitality and energy. The CD will help you get ‘deeper’ and more relaxed each and every time you practice, through reduction in your Cortisol, stress and inflammation levels.

When I was 19, my (Mixed) Martial Arts Competitions, I needed to put on 30 pounds and quickly. I wanted to compete in the heavy weight class. I did it the old fashioned way…all very wrong! My BP (blood pressure) and heart rate went up far more than a 19 years olds should. I also had the stress of competing for professional school, and becoming a doctor. I worked and did research with a Doctor who taught Meditation using Biofeedback machines to monitor your ‘brain waves’ (i.e. Beta/Alpha/ Theta/Delta). I loved the progress and the process!!! Not only did I reduce my High BP, and my heart rate, to normal again, but worked with people with ulcers, and other forms of gastric disease, along with other stress related health problems and immune deficiencies. We soon learned, as I practice and teach this today, that stress can and does raise our Cortisol, Adrenalin, and Insulin levels…all when to excess are quite toxic to our bodies and challenge our life forces, our mind and body.

My Expansive Holistic Health Meditation CD can be used with some other of my Expansive Holistic Health protocols, including Grounding, for example, to help get us in a deeper sleep with quicker onset. It can help with one of the pieces of the puzzle, to reduce the ‘new’ life enemy ‘inflammation’. We can use it to get a mid day repair and rejuvenation lift to power you through the rest of the day, as well as many studies show, to add to longevity. Yoga Masters, Athletes, Martial Artists, Creative Artists and Thinkers would benefit greatly as well, from practicing with the Expansive

Holistic Health CD as often as possible. - Dr Craig Brown

Meditation / Relaxation (55 minute) Deep / Visualization

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Meditation / Relaxation (20 minute) Deep / Visualization CD - (Advanced)

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